Thursday, April 11, 2013

Artist Interview: Richard Dorran

Dark Futuristic City Scene With Sci-Fi Flying Ships
Sci-Fi Flying Ships Among Futuristic Tower And Platforms

Richard Dorran is a fantasy illustrator and concept artist based in the UK. The artist's images are used with permission.

You've embraced education and seek constant improvement as an artist; tell us more?

To really get the most out of anything you have to be 100% committed. When I'm not painting with my tablet, I'm sketching outdoors, studying the individual brushstrokes of the old masters, or reading (yet again) about color theory. After recently attending an online course, my art and speed have improved by leaps and bounds, which has provided a real boost to my confidence. Online courses: highly recommended!

Can you share some history regarding your artistic development and motivation?

As a child I was always drawing cars and boats and planes, inspired by things I had seen or books that I'd read. It seemed a crime not to put these images in my head onto paper! As time went on, support from family and friends only affirmed to me that this was what I wanted to do for a living. Art can be a rather egocentric and selfish pursuit, but I yearn to share with other people. I hope that when they see my work, it fills them with some of the same feelings I felt when creating it.

Crystals Growing On An Old Street In A Futuristic Sci-Fi City

What can you say about your recent switch to the digital medium?

Before discovering digital painting, I worked primarily in oil paints. At that time, I had an ambition to go to college and get a degree in fine art, but for various reasons that never happened. I was stuck in a quandry for a time, wondering which direction to go, what road to take. Photography seemed a likely avenue for a while, but I didn't feel it was the answer I'd been searching for. I then became aware of the opportunities offered in video game development.

I started out by learning a 3D package, but quickly realized that digital concept art was the natural fit I'd been looking for. The digital medium offers me freedom and flexibility that I just can't get from traditional tools. It's also been a time saver, as digital painting allows me to create in just a few hours what might have otherwise taken several months to complete.

I know that I've finally discovered what I want to do for the rest of my life and I couldn't be more excited for the future.

See more at Richard Dorran's deviantArt page.

Sprawling Futuristic City With Sci-Fi Buildings And Towers

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Artist Interview: Jérémie Fleury

Medusa Character In Dress Holds Doll By Strings
Human-like Flower Dances With Female Doll In Dress
Panda Holds Onto Girl Flying Balloon-Lifted Bicycle

Jérémie Fleury is a fantasy illustrator and concept artist based in France. The artist's images are used with permission.

What can you tell us about your fascination with fantasy worlds?

I am quite disappointed by the world as it is today. I feel the need to escape and take refuge in imaginary worlds that are more colorful; ones that provide a source of infinite creative possibilities.

How does performing commissioned work compare to creating personal art?

When you execute a work order, it often happens that the work doesn't reflect your personality; the constraints somehow prevent you from expressing yourself fully. On the other hand, these limitations can sometimes offer you a real challenge, and when that work is a success it can result in genuine gratification.

Doing personal art allows you to fully express yourself and to put a little of your soul into the expression. I must admit, however, that it can be hard to find the time to create personal art when there are orders to be completed.

Female Doll Sits In Room Among Scary Puppets And Toys

Can you share a major turning point you experienced along your artistic path?

Every illustrator will tell you that he has drawn since he was small, and I began exploiting that lifelong passion at 15 or 16 years old as a concept artist on a video game project. I was still in high school at the time, thinking to further my scientific studies; however, my thing had always been drawing, so I decided to pursue my dream of becoming an illustrator.

What advice would you give to new artists who want to make art a career?

I won't hide that living off of one’s art has become a very difficult thing to do. There are more and more talented people and they seem to begin at a younger and younger age. With the internet and social networks, everyone has gained access to art, but it is important not to become discouraged by this mass.

Hard work and a lot of canvassing are essential. We must learn to accept criticism in order to evolve in the right direction, and artists who believe that they know everything just won’t progress anymore. In short, artists must trust themselves and show their work. In any case, I wish everyone good luck!

See more at Jérémie Fleury's deviantArt page.

Male Guest Dines With Dracula At Long Dinner Table

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