Saturday, November 10, 2012

Artist Interview: Kristina Alegro

Female Face With Pink Features Among Vector Elements
Portrait Of Female Leaning Among Floral And Splatter Elements
Female With Red Hair Among Paint And Splatter Elements

Kristina Alegro is a freelance graphic designer and photographer based in Slovenia. The artist's images are used with permission.

What brought you to digital art in particular?

I have always been fascinated by it. When I was little, I loved looking at fashion photos and art; and I did a lot of painting and drawing, which led to making fashion sketches and designing textures. I guess I eventually figured out that art was something I wanted to do, regardless of where life might take me.

I never knew how digital art was done, but was just fascinated with every little detail of every individual picture. I figured I'd give it a go myself, so I did. I learned a lot from different artists and tutorials, and it seemed that people liked what I was doing; so with all the compliments, feedback, and requests for collaboration, I decided to keep going.

Can you offer a bit of insight into your process?

My mixed-media creations often begin in my head, leading to photos, sketches, or paintings, which then evolve into complex digitally-enhanced portraits. I follow my own instincts during my creativity, and could say that my inner-voice is manifesting through the variety of styles that I use.

Female Model Seated Among Geometric Vector Designs

As a growing artist, what would you like to achieve in future work?

My primary goals are improvement, discovering the style that is closest to my heart, and eventually showing what I really want to show. I'm always looking forward to new opportunities for collaboration and to all the new things that might come along. Maybe, if I have some spare time, I'll give animation a try. It's another area I'm really interested in, but at this moment I'll stick with what I know best.

I believe that everything is possible if you put in all your effort to make it happen. Things never get easier, you just get better. If you love something, there are no limitations; the only barriers we have are in our heads. After all the struggling, I think the best reward you get is your inner satisfaction. Where there's love and inspiration, you can't go wrong.

See more at Kristina Alegro's deviantArt page.

Portrait of Female In Leather Jacket Among Mixed Vector Designs
Female Posing In Dark Dress Among Black Vector Designs

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