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Artist Interview: Alex Panagopoulos

Monster Blows Out Birthday Candles
Girl And Robot Exchange Flowers

Alex Panagopoulos is a software engineer by day and a visual artist by night. The artist's images are used with permission.

As a self-taught artist, what educational experiences have had the greatest impact?

When I was 7 or 8, I was drawing cars all the time, albeit very poorly and profile-only, so a family friend drew a car for me from a ¾ perspective. I was amazed by the effect, and got obsessed about learning how to do it. Later on, I was also impressed by the drawing style in Asterix comics and I started tracing over them in order to learn how to draw better. I think this was by far the most educational experience I've had in drawing, and it opened my eyes.

You've maintained a love for cars and other machines; what's your connection to them?

Machines mirror nature in a crude and grotesque way, which can make them sad or dramatic. I find both their organic characteristics and their crudeness attractive, and my girlfriend makes kind fun of me when I stop and stare at complex piping. Cars still attract me as machines, as symbols of escape, and also because I just love driving fast!

Where do your humorous elements originate?

In some corner of my mind, I like to create absurd scenarios based on the scenes around me, like a constant subconscious game. I like subversion, even if I'm not very good at it, and humor is a part of that. I enjoy Monty Python, like a proper nerd.

Female Angel Visits Man In Hospital Bed

Do you have a specific artistic routine?

I just let my mind wander, usually while listening to music, and I make quick sketches to remember what came out. Later, I'll carefully finish the ideas that seem to have promise, or the ones that are easier to finish. I feel that my drawing style is that of an engineer, very literal and simple, and it doesn't always work for finishing many of the ideas I have.

Where are you and your art headed?

My list of goals is really endless, and I'm always coming up with crazy projects. I've started teaching myself CAD, woodworking, and metalworking, all in hopes that I'll be able to realize these ambitions at some point in the future!

See more at Alex Panagopoulos' deviantArt page.

Astronaut Watches From The Moon


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